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Are you overwhelmed by how many Wordle variations are out there? We get you; the popular word-guessing game has everyone hooked and in no time, there are different types out there. Word game lovers were just getting started with the Five letter wordle game but soon other variants surfaced, which is exciting but also confusing.

Let us put it this way. When you have just one game to play, you do it without thinking either excitedly or out of boredom. But suddenly you have too many options and you are not sure which one is better, or which one you should play at a given point in time.

Well, worry not. This decision fatigue is quite natural and common. To make the decision easier, here we break down different types of wordle games and let you decide which one you are in the mood to play. Let’s begin.

wordle variations

Wordle 3 Words VS 4 Letters

As the name implies, wordle 3 and wordle 4 have 3-letter words and four-letter words to guess respectively. To start with, the same rules apply to both these variations i.e., there are only six attempts to guess the word and with each try the boxes turn:

  • Green, when the letter is correct
  • Yellow, when the letter is part of the word but placed in the wrong order
  • Grey, when the letter is not part of the word

with these simple hints, it gets easier to guess the word.

The difference between a three-word wordle and a four-word wordle is that the number of letters in each differs which also makes the difficulty level different. Generally, Wordle 3, also called Wordle Junior, is more suitable for children and school kids as they are learning new easy words. It will make a good classroom activity for kids so they can learn new words and remember them in a fun way. it

Wordle 4 is slightly harder than a three-letter wordle and adults can enjoy it well. Again it is a harmless party game that anyone can enjoy. There are no hard and complicated rules so anyone can learn and play it without the pressure.

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Wordle Variations: 4 Letters VS 5 Letters

Well, here it gets more interesting. The first wordle game that came out was a 5-letter word wordle game. So it’s fair to say the original  Wordle was a word-guessing game where a five-letter word had to be guessed in six attempts. With the popularity and demand for variations, other Wordle games came out and Wordle 4 is one of them.

like other Wordle games, there is not much difference between these games, the rules are the same and the same strategy can be used in all Wordle games. So which one should you pick? It depends on the mood.

Our take is Wordle 4 can be easier and Wordle 5 slightly up a notch. If you are in the mood for a fun and relaxed playoff with a friend or to pass some time, go for four four-letter word Wordle 4. Or if you want more engaging and fun then five-letter Wordle 5 is a better option.

Wordle 4 

  • Easier than Wordle 5 but more difficult than Wordle 4
  • Suitable for kids
  • Six guesses, no clues

Wordle 5

  • Slight difficult
  • Not suitable for kids
  • Six guesses, no clues

Wordle Vs Quordle

Well, if you are a self-proclaimed Wordle champion and think any or all types of Wordle games are easy peasy for you then Quordle is a game you must play. It won’t be wrong to say it takes the word-guessing game to the next level.

Basically, in Wordle, there is a single word that you need to guess in six attempts with no hints. In Qurodle there are multiple words that you have to guess at the same time in eight attempts. So there are four different words and using one word you need to guess all four.

Therefore, your vocabulary game has to be on point to figure out a word that has letters that fit in all four boxes. It certainly is a heart-racing game.

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  • Different types with three-letter words, four-letter words, and five-letter words to guess
  • Guess only one word
  • Six attempts
  •  No hints


  • Five letter word to guess
  • Eight attempts
  • No hints
  • Guess four words at the same time using the same guess word for all

Strategy to Win a Wordle or Quordle Game

No matter which word-guessing game you want to play, the key is to know a few strategies that will help you enjoy the game better.  As mentioned, there are no clues and hints and you just have to throw words into the puzzle box to six if you hit or mix anything. Here is where you should play smart. Instead of just throwing words, pick which words you put to win the game in fewer attempts.

To figure out the word:

  • Use a word that is commonly used
  • Has vowels in it
  • Also contains common consonants

This recipe will get you close to a word. And based on color indication i.e., green, yellow, and grey, you can eliminate words and narrow down the list. It is all about knowing a fair amount of vocabulary and thinking quickly. If you possess these skills then you can be really good at Wordle and Quordle games. To master these skills, we recommend you practice and you can do it here today Wordle Answers.

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