The 5-letter word guessing game of wordle is as tough as it gets and without a wordle strategy and wordle tips and tricks for success any chances of winning the game are close to none.  The original puzzle is about guessing a five-letter word in six attempts with no clues and hints at the beginning. Once the first word is entered in the rectangular grid, the boxes change colours to indicate whether you got the word and letters right or not.

These colors are clues that can be used to figure out the hidden word. The letters that are highlighted green and yellow are part of the hidden word, the only difference is green is in the correct order, whereas the yellow letter is part of the word but the position is incorrect. When the box turns grey, it means that the letter is not part of the daily word you need to guess. Based on these clues, Wordle’s answers are easy to find.¬†

Wordle is all about strategy and wordle tips because to get to the correct word, you need to make the best use of the format of this game. This blog will help you improve your Wordle tips and enable you to win Wordle games in no time

What are the Wordle Tips and Tricks to help you
win the game?

The best strategy for wordle games is to understand the rules and format and master some tips
and tricks to get the right letters. In every game, there is a different word

First Word Tips

If you enter a word and get it right in the first attempt, well that is dumb luck! either you can
rely on luck or strategy and luck can be useful only a few times. That is why the first word in
a wordle game can make or break the game. Therefore, the best strategy for the first word is
to pick a commonly used word and use this word as a test to get hints i.e., green, grey, and yellow letters. Based on the colour you can narrow down the list by eliminating words that
contain grey letters and try a word with green and yellow letter combo. 

wordle tips

Don’t use the first word to win the game right away. It is a test of a sort to guess the right
word in subsequent attempts. Now you can enter a random English letter word or use a
specific strategy in selecting a word that will get you maximum hints and even green and
yellow letters. Which brings us to the next tip you must know.

Vowels and Common Consonants

When selecting a word for your first try, choose a common word that contains vowels i.e., A
E I O U, and common consonants like G S T R, and so on. Repeat this in the next guess as well. When you select a word with a combination of vowels and common consonants chances are you will get a few correct letters in the first few guesses. 

The trick is to find a word with as many vowels as possible with a mix of consonants and it will get you more green letters. Based on these letters you can shortlist words and solve words in no time.

Repeat Letters

Now certain letters may be repeated in a word and such words are quite common in the
wordle game word of the day. and figuring out a word like that can be very easy. But instead
of using such a word in the first try, maybe use it in the second or third attempt. Some
repeated words are more common than others like l  (spill, frill, shell, skill, smell, grill, ) or E
(spree, steel, three, wheel), and S (class, grass,  gross, press). These are just a few examples.
Remember wordle is not like Word Cross which is notorious for its hard hints and rare words,
but the game of Wordle is fun and interesting to play. So stick to commonly used words
instead of rare words.

Wordle tips

Starting Words To Play Wordle: First Guess Word List

The best-starting list of 5 letter wordle list is below. 

  1. about, abide, arrow, allow 
  2. bring, brown, below, broom
  3. crown, cream, catch
  4. Dream, drill, diary
  5. eight, earth, erupt, erase
  6. fight, frock, frame
  7. groom, giant, grill
  8. Harsh, hello, haste
  9. igloo, ideal, incur
  10. Japan, jeans, joker, judge
  11. known, knife, knead
  12. light, laugh, large
  13. Might, mouse, mafia, magic
  14. Night,
  15. offer, omega, often
  16. Pride, pearl, paste, prove
  17. quest, queen, query, quell
  18. Right, radar, rapid
  19. stage, slime, smell, smart, small
  20. tight, tarot, tooth
  21. Under, ulcer, uncle, unify
  22. Vowel, value, vapor, 
  23. Waist, wagon, wages, wordle tips
  24. Yacht, yeast, yards
  25. Zeist, Zeros

To sum it all up, a simple trick is to start with common letters in the English language and try
completely different words with each attempt. but keep in mind the clue words. With
practice, you can solve Wordle puzzles in no time. Beginners can start playing 3-letter Wordle You can play Wordle on the Wordle website and use these tips and tricks to guess the word. So be wise about the word choices and eliminate any word that may contain the letter in a grey box. Once you remove all the words containing eliminated letters, you can guess the word in the Wordle game.

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