How to Play Wordle

Wordle is all the rage in the last few years. In no time Wordle got really popular and suddenly everyone wanted to know how to play Wordle. The word-guessing game is quite interesting and provides a change from other word games that were popular like crosswords.  Part of this Wordle craze is because almost everyone was tweeting about it with a picture of a solved puzzle game with boxes colored green, yellow, and grey.

If you are new to the game and caught the Wordle craze going around, then we are here to prepare you for the game with the best strategies on How to play Wordle.

How to Play Wordle

Where to play Wordle

Wordle is a web-based game so you can play online here. You don’t need to know a lot of technical stuff to play the game. Just open the web browser and play it. It is simple.

You can play Wordle anywhere: you can play it while waiting for something or someone, you can play to kill time, you can play to unwind or you can play Wordle game at a party. Literally this game is for anyone who likes a fun and interesting word guessing game. Plus, the rules are not complicated so anyone can learn it quickly and play along.

This brings us to how to play Wordle. To be good at Wordle you need to have a good strategy, vocabulary, and quick thinking. Do you want to learn how to play Wordle? Or looking to understand how to play Wordle 4 letters? Or better still if you are hosting a kid’s party or are a teacher for preschoolers and want to make learning vocab fun for kids through Wordle games and need to explain to kids How to play Wordle 3 letters or Wordle Junior, then this guide is for you.

Enter a Word

Wordle is a word guessing game and there are no clues to begin with. Word Selection is the key. In the grid, you have to put in a word to see if you got it correct. Here is where having a strategy is key. To guess the right word or letter, choosing a good word is key.  To do that follow these tips:

  • The first word must contain vowels like a, e, I, o, u. Chances are you will get one or two right. Most commonly used English words contain them. It is best to use a commonly used rather than an obscure word.
  • The second best tip is to pick a word that contains the most common consonants like r, t, s. like vowels these too occur regularly in commonly used words.
  • Stick to a common word, rare words hardly ever come. As a start, a common and easy word will get you close to the word of the day.


This is a word-guessing game, having a good vocabulary is key to being good at it. However, you do need to know rare and hard words. The key is to have enough vocabulary to start guessing. As you start playing we bet you will get better at it. The Wordle game is designed in such a way that anyone can play it and with the smart strategy mentioned above, you can up your vocab list in no time. With time you will get to know how to play Wordle better and quicker.

Color and Hints

As you enter the word, you will get the color to indicate what you got right and what letter is not part of the word.

  • Green – yes keep this letter
  • Yellow—keep this letter but change its place/ order in the next word you guess
  • These are your clues so make the best of them by eliminating and shortlisting words.

Eliminate and Shortlist

The puzzle game is fun and pushes one to think quickly and precisely. As you start putting words and getting hints with the indicated color, the next step is to eliminate and shortlist Wordle words. If you got a grey box, make sure the next word you put does not contain that letter. Green means you got it right and it is best to think quickly of all possible words that contain that letter and yellow box letter. The combination of the two will get you close to the right word today Wordle Answers.

List of Starting Words for Wordle Game

Another trick is to have a few easy words to pick from to start the game.

These words are just starter words and in the first one or two attempts try to put different words just to see what hints you get by color indication.

List of Words for Wordle 4 letter Game
Anti, Four, fire, barn  base, bill, bone, bond, boat, boss, book, bird, ball, barn,  camp, chat, cool, care, clan, doom, dull, dusk, dark, done, earn, ease,  fire, form, from, fast, game, goal, grit, glow, gate, fate, face, free, fall, kind, kill, keep, kite,  hall, hire, hate, iron, home, hike, mall, must, mean, meet, more, mine, mind, nope, neat, nose, pain, pull, pass, pray, read, road, rust, rank, roll, sell, song, sank, ship, shop, soup, tall, tree, time, tail, tame, ugly, urge,
List of Words for Wordle 5 letter Game
Abate, abide, abase, angle, anger,  brown, brush, birth, broom, claim, charm, chase, chair, c earth, error, ether, fight, furry, float, frame, front, fudge, grind, grass, group, guess, grain, horse, human, index, image, issue,  light, juice, joint, known, might, mouse, moral, magic, night, ought, order, offer, option, prank, proud,  proof, prove, quake, quest, queer, round, right, shore, store, train, trunk, truth, upper, union,
List of Words for Wordle Junior  Game
Aid, arc, ant, art, arm, ask, bat, bit, bar, car, cat, cab, cut, dam, dog, ham, hat, hit, him, Inn, ill, Jam, jar, jab, kid, kin, mad, man, now, not, oat, oak, out, pet, pen, pot, pro, lab, lad, run, rat, rot, sit, sun, sat, tab, ten, ten, top, vow,  van, wit, web, zen, zoo, war,

Video Tutorial on How to Play Wordle

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