Harry Potter Wordle  

Well, all the Harry Potter fans and Wordle players out there this is good news for you! You can play Harry Potter Wordle online and put your wizarding knowledge to the test.  The word-guessing game Wordle has many versions and is for anyone who likes to explore new games and difficulty levels. In that regard, this particular version of the Wordle game is specifically designed for Harry Potter lovers as the name suggests. The word-guessing game is based on the famous book series Wizard World which was created by  JK Rowling. 

Harry Potter Wordle  

The Harry Potter Wordle is also called Wizard Wordle and is based on J.K. Rowling’s novel series Harry Potter. The magical world of Hogwarts has many fans following and it is no surprise that readers who love this game would like puzzles and games that are all about guessing words and that too from their favourite series.

How to Play HP Wordle 

The Harry Potter Wordle is just like other 5 letter Wordle games. You have to guess a word without any clues and hints in just six chances. Once you enter a word the boxes are highlighted in different colours. A Green highlighted box means you got that letter right. Yellow means the letter is in the hidden word but placed in the wrong order, by changing its place you can figure out the word. A Grey highlighted box means the letter is not part of the game and you can eliminate any word that contains that particular letter Yellow and green letter words are the best way to figure out the five letters of the hidden word. 

The twist in Harry Potter Wordle “My Wordle” is that the words are from the Harry Potter world. You can put a random word just to get a clue about possible letters, but the actual word must be related to or from Harry Potter. Like in other Wordle games, the strategy is to stick to commonly used or popular words on the first try. For the fans of the series, this is a perfect game to play at parties and entertainment at book clubs. 

List of Words for Harry Potter Wordle 

If you are just starting Harry Potter Wordle and not sure where to begin, we got you.  Start with these five-letter words. We bet these will get you close to the hidden word.  Based on Wordle’s strategic guessing tips, a good place to start is to select a commonly used word.
















The Harry Potter universe is a magical world and this world is a magical Harry Potter word-guessing game that fans of Harry Potter will no doubt enjoy. In your next part with other fans of Harry Potter, you can play this five-letter wizarding world-related game and see who is the biggest fan of the game. HP Wordle provides a unique and immersive experience for fans and may take you to the Hogwarts world. 

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